Infants; Newborns, crawlers and early walkers all love to observe and socialize.

Infants: Our littlest members may not be doing much but they are taking in the world; sights, sounds and smells. Take a mom focused class or just come hang out. We love babies! We will even watch them while you go to the bathroom alone.

Crawlers: The world is about to be your oyster! Our floor is made out of Cork and perfect for crawling! Explore the space and pull some stuff off the shelves, it's safe and we will clean it up.

Early Walkers: Come stack some blocks, work on your fine motor, gross motor and communication skills!

Our membership allows you the flexibility to choose between different sized packages and switch schedules as your nap times change. Come for open play anytime, or join one of our classes. You don’t need to stick to a set schedule.

Schedule your first free visit, we can’t wait to meet you.