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Wooden Shapes Flashcards & Stand • Engraved Geometry Cards

Wooden Shapes Flashcards & Stand • Engraved Geometry Cards

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These handmade wooden shapes cards are designed with multiple uses in mind - as tabletop references, a piece of art in a playroom or homeschool environment, a math resource, or for tracing with little fingers!

Inspired by Montessori-style natural materials and the concept of sandpaper letters, these engraved cards allow children to trace their fingers over the engraved shapes and forms while absorbing their angles, sides, & points.

Features 18 different shapes and their names below in a large, modern, easy-to-read font.
(Circle, Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Diamond, Oval, Rhombus, Trapezoid, Pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon, Octagon, Star, Heart, Cross, Crescent, Arrow, Semicircle)

Wooden Display Stand Crafted by hand in the Ohio studio from locally sourced wood.

Sealed with food-grade mineral oil and safe for babies & children to enjoy. Made from plywood & maple hard woods. Each item is unique and made-to-order; wood tone & grain will vary from piece to piece.
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