If you have questions about your membership, please e-mail us at Memberships@baynbee.com


Terms of service

Bay & Bee is a membership based play space

  • Families are welcome to use both locations.

  • Families are welcome to come play and join classes without scheduling ahead of time.

    One time family registration fee is $39

    Month to Month Members

    Membership dues are on your sign up date.

    Cancellations: Please e-mail Memberships@baynbee.com 3 days prior to your billing date.

    Holds: We are able to put your membership on hold for up to 3 months. Your membership will resume automatic billing at the end of the 3 month period.

    Prepaid Members
    These memberships are time based with a 1 time, no recurring fee.

    6 Month Member: Enjoy 6 months of unlimited membership for the price of 5!

    12 Month Member: Enjoy 12 months of unlimited membership for the price of 10!


Bay & Bee Membership Agreement This Membership Agreement ("Agreement") is between Bay & Bee Inc. ("Bay & Bee") and the undersigned member (the "Member").

All memberships will allow each Member use of the indoor play space during business hours. All memberships are non- voting and non-proprietary. We encourage membership and full enjoyment of our facilities by all people. We will not discriminate in the granting or revocation of membership on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, or national origin


In the event of closure of the entire facility for any reason including without limitation natural disasters, construction, repair or maintenance for a period exceeding one (1)week, prorated credit will be given such that the membership will be extended for the period of closure. Member expressly waives any other remedy.

During periods of construction, repair efforts, maintenance and special events, Bay & Bee reserves the right to close, limit or restrict the use of its facilities in whole or part in its sole discretion.

Class Changes.
Bay & Bee reserves the right to cancel programs that are under- enrolled. Bay & Bee also reserves the right to modify classes and faculty as necessary.

Revocation of Membership.

At the discretion of Bay & Bee, membership may be revoked at any time, or extension of membership may be denied, if in the sole discretion of Bay & Bee, the Member consistently failed to observe the rules and regulations or has otherwise behaved in a manner contrary to the best interest of Bay & Bee or its members.

Disclaimer of Liability.

Bay & Bee is not liable for any harm or loss to persons or property. Any protection exercised or offered by Bay & Bee shall be deemed purely gratuitous on its part and shall in no way be construed to make it liable for any loss or inconvenience suffered by the member. Bay & Bee is not responsible in any circumstances for indirect, consequential or punitive damages.

Risk of Illness or Injury. The Member is aware of the risk of illness or injury inherent in any program. The Member and his/her child is participating in Bay & Bee's programs upon the express understanding that the Member hereby indemnify, waive, and release Bay & Bee, its employees, agents and officers from any and all claims, liabilities, expenses or judgments.

Member Responsibilities. The Member assumes full responsibility for himself/herself and anyone who becomes a Member under this Agreement, including the Member's children, authorized caregivers or guests and shall indemnify Bay & Bee, its employees, agents and officers against any and all liability incurred by any act of the Member, child, guest, or authorized caregiver. The Member agrees that he/she or their authorized care- giver shall remain on the Bay & Bee premises directly supervising their children at all times.

I acknowledge and understand that by this Agreement, I agree to assume all risks of bringing my child to Bay & Bee and that in the event of my child's illness or injury I have no recourse against Bay & Bee, its employees, agents and officers.

Non Compete Disclosure

By enrolling in Bay & Bee, I (the participant) will not open a business based off of the structure of Bay & Bee.


1. Check-In Procedures: Member is required to check in at front desk staff upon entering Bay & Bee.

2. Children using the play space must be accompanied by their parent/legal guardian or authorized caregiver at all times.

3. We require that all Members wear socks to the play area. Cubbies are provided for shoes and belongings.

4. For your child's safety, no food, open container drinks or shoes are permitted in the play area.

4a. Bay & Bee is a peanut free facility.

5. Stroller Policies. Due to fire safety regulations, Bay & Bee requires strollers to be left outside of the play area.

6. Occupancy in the play area is limited to what is deemed acceptable by the Fire Marshall and reasonable by the management of Bay & Bee. We reserve the right to limit the number of children/caregivers that are in the play area at any one time. Members acknowledge that such effort is made in order to provide as safe and fun an environment with limited inconvenience as possible.

7. Illness Policy. In consideration of our other members, please keep sick children at home. Parents and children should not return to Bay & Bee after

illness, until symptoms have been absent for at least 24 hours. Please refer to the CDC’s website for specific information regarding contagious illnesses, or ask for more information at the front desk. Bay & Bee reserves the right to send a child home to get well. If your child has allergies, please alert a staff member. Bay & Bee does not have a medical staff available and is not permitted to provide emergency or other medical treatment.

8. Animals and Items from home. To help provide a safe environment, it is not permitted for any member to bring animals to Bay & Bee. Children are not allowed to bring objects that may be a safety hazard, such as toys, jewelry, food or anything that may present a choking or strangulation hazard. Transitional objects such as blankets or pacifiers are welcome.

9. Personal Belongings. Any personal belongings brought to Bay & Bee are at the members' own risk. Bay & Bee accepts no liability for loss or damage to such property. Any property left on the premises and handed in to a staff member will be retained at Reception for 30 days. After this time, the property will be donated or disposed of.

10. Cell Phones. Please do not allow the use of cell phones to detract from your ability to supervise your child.

11. Bay & Bee is a gun free area. Please refrain from conceal and carry.

Bay & Bee is closed on the following days: Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the following day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.