Child - Led Play
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The heart of Bay & Bee is child - led play.

Follow their lead through the play space to work on social skills, fine motor and gross motor skills!

Monica Bodnar
Sway & Play Yoga
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Toddlers will enjoy mimicking animals and nature poses, singing and dancing to specially selected yoga songs: pretend to be flying butterflies, surf the waves and other adventures!
Recommended Ages: Walkers+

Monica Bodnar
Birthday Bubbles

Each month we will have a special birthday bubbles bash and celebrate children who were born that month!
During the bubbles dance party we will sing happy birthday to everyone.

Monica Bodnar
New Member Meet & Greet

Welcome to Bay & Bee! Whether you have been here a long time or just
joined, come meet other parents and kids for a get to know you play
time! We will start off in the studio with some snacks and a circle time
intro. This is a pot luck gathering, you are welcome to bring some
snacks to share, but it is not necessary to join the fun.

Monica Bodnar
Bubble Time

Come shake your sillies out in our studio space with fun music & bubbles galore!

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Monica Bodnar
Morning Circle

Welcome to our newest Circle Time class! Inspired by Waldorf philosophies, we will host a short 15 minute gathering together featuring seasonal circle songs. Join us as we come together in friendship to admire the seasons, build on our language skills, and open our hearts. Parent participation is encouraged!

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Monica Bodnar
Sensory Science

Come ready to explore and create as we engage in sensory led science experiments! Sensory activities encourage exploration and investigation as well as stimulating your child’s senses. Together we will explore natural properties of colors, plants, magnets, and anything we can get our hands on from rice, dough, water to bubbles! As always everyone is welcome, but this class will be best suited for children aged 3-5.

Ms. Allie, who has a Masters in Biology and three little ones of her own, will lead this exploration group focusing on a different theme each month. We encourage you to come each week as we build on our knowledge!

Parent participation is encouraged as children may need assistance with some of our hand-on exploration activities!

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Monica Bodnar
Circle Time

Join Emily Klein for a fun filled class of learning letters, numbers and more! Emily was a teacher before becoming a mother. She taught Elementary Education K-6 and also taught phonics for 5 years.

This class is ideal for children 6 months - 4 years old. Each circle time will begin with a song or story, then we will engage the children in an activity which will focus on learning letters, numbers, or fine motor skills. The class will end with a craft that the children can bring home!

Don't forget your socks - we are a shoe-free facility!

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Monica Bodnar
Arts & Crafts

We will create a different craft that you can take home! Our instructors tailor the activities to anyone interested, no matter how young or old.. We have activities ranging from hand print art to play doh. All ages welcome for this sensory delight!

Monica Bodnar
Story Time

Join us for a magical adventure through a series of books. Songs and small finger motions can also be a part of the program. Great for all ages.

Monica Bodnar